Marry not a poor man

Always thought she was behind it, their separation

Never liked him, cringed each time she saw them together

To her, he was just like an excrescence in her daughter’s life

Rebuked her every time she saw them holding hands in public, sometimes kissing

They were in love and young with enough time to make mistakes, but she cared not about that

The neighbours are talking and I don’t like it, you will spoil our good name with that poor boy

Not that I don’t want you to be happy, only want you to make wise choices

Look around him, what do you see?

All that poverty, is that the life you want for your kids?

You are beautiful baby, and intelligent

You can have any man you want, can take us to the State House if you put your mind to it

Don’t care who you run around with now in the name of love, only make sure whoever you get married to is rich.

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