Relationships Inspire Art


Listen to their music, the great musicians

The power in their flow, the truth in their lyrics

The connection with the audience, for a moment everyone in the frenzy

Singing along, they all become part of the song.


Watch a great piece of art, watch with your inner eye

Touch and feel the strokes made by the brush on the canvas or palettes, the emotions in the painters hand

The thudding, rhythms of the painter’s heart

Leonardo Da Vinci, the story behind Mona Lisa.


The poets

Read the most beautiful poem, the most heartbreaking

What do you feel?

It’s said that there are only two types of poets, those in love and those out of it.


And then the best plays of all time, Romeo and Juliet

Pericles, Prince of Tyre



Inspired by the thrills of relationships, the best art

The expression, consistency and then one day excellence.

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