When the heart stopped


Told everyone, all her friends knew

She was done with him, this time leaving for good

Had enough, no more of her precious tears

The fight was bitter, behind she left a havoc

A tsunami suits her better, a beautiful girl with a temper that erupts like a volcano

He watched her leave, crying

Just sat there on a floor full of broken glasses, crying

No tears but he too was crying, maybe she never understood him

Thought it was wise to let her go, stay away from each other for a while

Maybe distance will heal their relationship, end the perennial fighting

Days went by and he went on with his life, thought she would never come back

No phone call or even a message, just grave silence

Then one night, had just turned in

Staring at the ceiling trying to lull sleep, heard someone knocking

Timid and urgent, cautiously opened the door

And there she was looking so beautiful, was smiling and her eyes were sparkling

He looked beyond her, up to the sky and the stars were not visible

There was a full moon, only that it was not shinning

It was so quiet and peaceful, felt like the world had stopped

Only that it wasn’t the world, it was their hearts that had stopped

For a moment, at the same time.

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