Chase money, not girls

Are you still chasing after girls at this age and time? This is my question to a fellow boy child. If your answer is a yes, then you got it all wrong brother! You are doing the wrong thing. Or maybe you are doing the right thing the wrong way.

What I mean by this phrase, “doing the right thing the wrong way” is this: It’s actually normal to chase women. It has been that way since the beginning of time. As a man, you see a beautiful lady you like and who is appealing to you, you go after her. In short you chase her — and only God knows how ladies love this. You chase her with all you got. You are doing the right thing. But how do you do this right thing the wrong way?

Check out this scenario. There you are, a perfect gentleman who has seen an appealing lady and started chasing her. You let her know your good intentions. Maybe you even take her out on a date once or a couple of times but she still doesn’t feel your vibe. You’ve done everything within your means and you still can’t pin her down. What is the right thing to do? Let her go, right? Some other brothers, the ones who say they never take NO for an answer will start forcing the relationship. See now he’s not chasing the girl, instead he’s chasing after the girl. Doing the wrong thing.

Any relationship expert out there will advice you not to ever do that. A girl rejects your advances, let her go. You keep trying and you will only be pushing her further away. You will be chasing after her and she will just keep running away from you.

We men have our reasons for saying no. A lady too has her own reasons why she will say no to you. Maybe she just ain’t into you. You are not her type — ladies say this a lot. Once I had one that told me, “we’re just not compatible” and I let her go. Or maybe she’s already in another relationship while some ladies are single by choice. Some are lesbians. Some just out of bad breakups and they just want to have that me time till they’re healed and ready to love again. Any gentleman should understand that!

Some girls, especially those who are not into you, you’ll be chasing after them and they’re busy chasing someone else. Maybe someone with less money than yours, less education than yours and almost everything else less than yours. Try imagining that picture; you are chasing after someone and she’s focused on some other guy. You have wasted much of your resources; your time, maybe to the last of your savings trying to please her and at the end of the day it’s still a NO. If you can’t see you’re hurting yourself over someone who doesn’t give a *** about you, then try checking out a psychiatrist, you are retarded bro.

And last but not least, the worst type of girls of them all is the one who is after sponsors — married men with money. If you realize the girl you after is one of these, run away and never look back. Because forever you will never be man enough for her. You are just a mere student or a starting up young man down the ladder, honestly will you be able to compete with someone with enough money to waste on a girl he’s mostly going to discard soon as he’s done with her. She loves what older loaded men give her and she knows you can never give her that, at least not in the near future. She has her twisted dreams and one sponsor leaves her, she goes after another and there you are, a poor boy child, chasing after her.

She might let you catch up, if not only to infect you with HIV and AIDS and other only God knows, and then continue with her scandalous life.

You see why we have so many senior bachelors around? Nowadays it has become so hard to get a lady who will just love you for who you are. Some guys even believe there’s nothing like love anymore in today’s world.

What if I told you there’s still a way of getting her to stop running away from you and be the one who starts chasing after you. Would you believe me?


Chase money instead of girls. Instead of wasting your limited resources chasing after girls who don’t want you, chase after money. Use that money you would have spent on a date with her, or buying her gifts that she wouldn’t even value, in building your life. Save to the last coin and start a business. Use that precious time you would have wasted on her to build your business or your career and in the long run it will be worth it.

When you start doing you. Making you happy, hustling and doing legit stuff. You will start creating positive energy around you. You will be appealing and in the process you will start attracting people towards you. Believe me most of the people in that crowd will be girls. Growing up, girls used to call Jay Z ugly and now look who he’s married to.

There is something else about girls that’s completely interesting. Girls — both good and bad — love guys who appear to be “living”. Guys with energy all around them. To most people, these is a category of bad boys. And girls love bad boys. Still wondering why girls love celebrities?

It’s intriguing watching a girl leave a guy from a well to do family with a promising future for a guy who lives in the moment. A guy who lives each day as it comes, and sometimes from hand to mouth.

I believe most of you have watched Titanic. I have, a number of times. In there you’ll meet Jack, a traveler, a young man who has nothing else apart from the boots and the clothes he’s wearing and his drawing book and a pencil. A guy whose home is in his drawings, and steals the heart of a decent lady from a respected family, and who apparently is engaged to a very powerful and wealthy man. If you have watched the movie, then you know the rest.

A girl will leave a very comfortable home to go and stay with a guy who’s almost homeless. Whose diet consists of chapatis and beans stew at the roadside kibanda. A guy who will spend the whole week toiling under the burning sun at a construction site only to spend all the cash on a pair of new sneaker. And you will be there chasing the girl who is in love with that guy and wondering what in the world she saw in him that you can’t offer her.

Girls are twisted. Love is twisted. Life is twisted. The earlier you realize that the better. Live the best way you can. You see a lady you like, present your case. If you win, treat her the best way you can and if you lose — which is part of the wooing game — let it go. Don’t chase after someone who doesn’t like you. Direct that time and energy into generating income and taking care of those in your life who value you.

Maybe then we will have few cases of men killing their partners and then committing suicide themselves. Maybe then we would have fewer cases of young girls mysteriously dying in our country. Sharon Otieno, the pregnant University student now lives down six feet and Okoth Obado, a whole governor is probably facing a long jail term. And who was the other girl whose body was found in a bathtub somewhere in Kilimani, Nairobi? Was it Monica Kimani?

2 thoughts on “Chase money, not girls

  1. Industriousness is a good character trait to have, and you are wise to warn against those who would chase after the money that you earn just as you might foolishly chase after them if they do not want you for who you are. Remember, Madekesi, be yourself in all of this, too. Your character and integrity are the most important things you have, and you cannot let anyone destroy either one of those. You are right–life is twisted, and girls are confusing and confused. There are manipulators who will play the role, though, and try to take from you your very life. I like this piece very much. It shows good character and integrity on your part. Dignity is a close companion of integrity and if our positions in life were judged by what our souls held in them, you would be a wise king with much wealth. Take care and keep writing. Do you keep a portfolio of your writing, by the way? You should think about doing that so that you can send it to a publisher/producer if the opportunity arises. You never know when things will fall into place in life!

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    1. Hey bro! Thank you so much for your comment. You make me feel like the best writer in the world. Hahaha… I would be lying if I said I keep a portfolio of my writing, but I think it’s a good idea. Thanks again bro.

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