Make a mistake


I want to make a mistake, another

Just like back in the day, when I was a kid

Destroying the old lady’s unripe pawpaws, provoking her for fun

God forgive me, the poor woman didn’t deserve that

But the results always left me inspired, made me dream more

Need to be unruly again, that’s how some of us learn

That’s how we spur creativity, some of us

Through a series of mistakes, accidents and coincidences, the world became what it’s today

Maybe I should go ahead and poke a stick into a beehive, wait to see the results

Or throw a stone at a police station, see if the police will throw back

Wait a minute, maybe I should go with her to the mosque carrying a Bible

Walk in with my shoes on when everyone else is leaving his at the door, see if the brothers will do nothing

I’m sure the Christians will do nothing even if one read from a verse in the middle of a service, they’ll only rebuke the devil

Maybe I should reply to her text messages, reciprocate her advances

Just to see what her strict mother will do, she hates me and I know it

Thinks I’m trouble, tried telling her she misjudged me in vain

The first impression matters, wish I could undo that moment

To something more interesting, send the President’s daughter a proposal and see what comes of it

He needs a writer’s blood in his grandchild’s veins, he needs a visionary who doesn’t believe in his vision for a son-in-law

Sometimes you need a critic more, adherents blindfold you

Think I should veer from the perfection road, someone told me that I’m always trying to fix everything when sometimes nothing is broken

I need to be someone I’m not, go into the world and be social

Fall in love with a stranger, lose my heart to her and then lose her

This Christmas I’m going home, bring mama a white girl and see if she will tease me

Say nothing if she gets emotional, remember a closed mouth says nothing wrong

I need to make a mistake, still wondering who will be my first mistake.

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