Smiling at the scars

smiling man wearing blue denim button up jacket

You’ll soon get over her, one day you’ll wake up and she’ll be just another stranger in the crowd

Almost faceless, you wouldn’t even remember her pretty face

Thought they were lying, how in the world would I forget her

The pain she left behind

The raw wounds, the ones I kept inflicting with her memories

But then time came in, grew up and met other beautiful people

Helped me bury her deep in the Mariana Trench, my heart healed

And then the other day from the blues she came by, with her was this cute little baby boy

Placed him in my arms, happened so fast didn’t even get time to object

I looked at the baby and he looked back at me, and smiled

I looked up at the mother smiling, she was smiling too but with tears in her eyes

Never felt that way before, now I’m here wondering where it all went

The pain and anger in my heart, now just smiling at the scars.


(It doesn’t matter how bad your partner hurt you, just accept and move on

Forgive and one day you’ll be smiling about it like it was just a bad dream)

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