A Mother’s Pain

tilt shift lens photography of woman wearing red sweater and white skirt while holding a boy wearing white and black crew neck shirt and blue denim short

What I will do to that man, only God knows

That’s the last born daughter, the one still in school vehemently swearing

His boyfriend impregnated her and took off, and she’s keeping the baby

Her mama is just looking on insouciantly, too tired to even get mad.


The other day her older daughter came back from her home crying, her husband moved in with another woman

Said he doesn’t love her anymore, he’ll only take care of his children

Mother can’t contemplate what’s happening, must be the work of his enemies.


Her youngest son disappeared in the diaspora with his wife, call themselves travelers

Last time they were in Norway and then Spain, last month she was told they’re in Germany learning German

Have to be fluent before they can get a job, but what’s the essence if they’ll soon be moving again

They’ve a child she has never seen, her grandchild and it’s totally unacceptable.


The second born son is a piece of work, almost forty with no job and living in his brother’s basement in the city

Dreaming of becoming a farmer one day, pigs interest him

Chinchillas too, or start mushroom farming

Sometimes he gets suicidal, his wife ran away with another man with his two kids

Her beautiful grandchildren living with strangers, she’s not even sure if they’re well taken care of.


And his elder son, his favorite and most obedient

Still trying to get a baby, the last pregnancy ended in a horrible miscarriage

Each night she kneels beside her lonely bed to pray for them, hope the merciful God hasn’t given up on her and her children. 


The mother is worried, she’s the only one worried

Worried for all of them, sure a mother’s job is never done

Grey hair starting to pop up, everything is taking a tall on her

Her heart is sore and she looks frail, she knows her family will one day kill her.

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