Pain of Irresponsibility


Met her in one of his travels, in a hotel in Madagascar

Making love to strangers was her trade, making even the most inhospitable of men feel at home

And she loved it, feigning ecstasy enough to make a traveler forget his journey’s woes

Why did you chose this work, once asked her

With impeccable politeness said, I do it because I like to

Getting paid for doing it is an extra bounty, I like that too

And she asked, would you reject a wage for every time you had the pleasure to pee

But with this stranger she was real, though he dismissed it as just another ploy to take more of his money

Another of her tongues enticing skill

The love-making was spontaneous, she was overwhelmed by his youth and impetuous desire

Forgot to insert beforehand the plug of protection, got pregnant

He didn’t want the baby, he was a traveler

I can get rid of it, she told him

Only thought you should know, have a say as the father but now I see you disown it

The next day before embarking on his journey went to see the lady, went to say farewell only to be told she resigned and left

Years later in his deathbed with only his childless wife beside him, he wondered

What if she was really pregnant with my child and never aborted it, my child might be out there

In obviously unbearable agony closes his eyes and sad tears escape in two streams to freedom, with much difficulty opens his eyes again

Opens his mouth to say one last thing to his wife but the words don’t come out, closes his eyes and never opens them again.

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