How to move on

forest during daytime

How did you move on, with her around there

They ask,

Some people move far away to distant lands, start a new life in a new city to let the ailing heart heal

But you, you stayed and how happy you look

I say to them,

I don’t see her, in my life she died the day she left

I destroyed her memories, in my head and heart it’s now all distorted and blurry

When you see my love, I see her shadow

Might be someone resembling her, masquerading as the beautiful girl I once loved

She smiles and waves at me, I smile and wave back

Just like I would for any other stranger in the streets

People I know I’ll never see again in my lifetime, a smiling kid on the window of a moving bus

The image lingers on for a short while and then dies with the moving bus

I move on with my journey, before I get to my destination would’ve seen another

And another, with more discerning features and distinctive character.

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