photo of woman wearing yellow floral top

I still smell the fragrance of her cologne, the one that decorated the air we inhaled

I still see the smile spread on her bloody lips, precariously

Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night, thought I heard her melodious laughter

A tiny dark spot on her perfect face, but a small imperfection on a woman’s skin can sometimes be the most attractive feature 

She was the most beautiful thing that ever walked through that door, zombied half the people in the room

Love at first sight but maybe was only an attraction, a fatal one

Fatal attraction is common, and sometimes what we have common is pain

Never seen her before, was the first time and was aware it might be the last

Stole her number from the customer records, I knew it was wrong and could be sued but didn’t care

Had to do something, had to tell her she’s beautiful

Said she likes me too but already has someone else, and she’s happy

I understood and tonight, peacefully I’ll sleep

Tried and was rejected, but better than never trying at all.

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