In these streets

In these streets, all I see

photography of person walking on road

The cartpuller from the Countrybus, his dilated  veins almost bursting under the weight of his cargo 

Cans of KEG, some local brew

Beads of sweat on his brow and his shirt is almost drenching, he has to earn a living.


Behind the squeezed stores, the ones displaying phones and other electronics 

Half of which is counterfeit, I only see beautiful and sweet-looking girls paraded with inviting smiles and beckoning hands

Tempted to stop but I know they’ll tear me apart, in my world if men are hyenas then these women are vultures 

Can’t blame them though, they’ve to earn a living and this economy with it’s  hard-eating recession doesn’t give a shit about gender

It’s  the only thing treating all people with equality, the landlord waiting and the child growing and still no ring on the finger.


I see the rude matatu conductor delicately hanging at the matatu door, he’s looking  out for the corrupt traffic cops and the equally corrupt but ruthless city council officers 

Needs to drop off some suicidal passenger, don’t  know why everyone almost seems to be in a rush but maybe it’s just earning a living.


I see a half-naked girl with her funny bag that resembles a cunning hare in folklore on her back, obviously a student

She’s swaggering along the pavement, shaking her tiny buttocks with this air of defiance 

Earphones deeply tucked in her ears, she must be listening to some Cardi B

Maybe she’s headed home from class or it’s now she’s going  to class, or maybe she has skived class and now headed to meet some guy

If so, hope it’s just a boy or some young man

Had enough of these old old men, flossing and tossing money around our young girls

Just like mama would to catch a stubborn chicken, sprinkle some maize grains around the yard.


At the Tom Mboya statue, the late brilliant politician that was assassinated in 1969

Some young couple kissing, they don’t care about PDA

On the other side I see some old lady twitching in shame, probably  wondering what’s wrong with these millenials.

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