Power of a woman

woman standing and leaning on tree
Photo by Đàm Tướng Quân on Pexels.com

Another empire risen, another just crumbled

All eyes on the king, wish you knew who was behind it all

If not the queen who pressed the button it’s one of her royal husband’s many concubines, you know those overambitious women that come with a big appetite for power and fame

He was just from humble beginnings, speaking of hope and belonging

Listening to him was an experience, it was before he met her

Told him that he was special, like he didn’t already know

Told him he can have the whole world if he desires, it was all for the greater good and before he started buying into her dreams and fantasies

Wasn’t long before he became the animal his cause stood against, a tyrant was being morphed from the sweet orator the world loved

People who stood on his path were killed, his loyal soldiers looted from the peasants and raped women

And anyone who fed into his paranoia, could only see a child burned alive so many times before you question your own role in it

She would be whispering in his ears while soothing the animal in him after annihilation of a whole village, they deserved it

Served them right for opposing you baby, no one is going to miss a traitor

But not in all cases, women have beautiful hearts

Only God knows how many times First Ladies have saved the world from their trigger-happy President husbands, doing it the only way they know how.

6 thoughts on “Power of a woman

  1. Hahahaa…this piece reminds me just how contented and proud i am to be female? Oh, that line “Told him he was special like he didn’t know already” i feel would sound way smoother if “already” came before “know”. 💞

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