Being a dad

baby approaching men s black sunglasses
Photo by Biova Nakou on

I’m looking yonder (always wanted to apply this word), lined on the block are skimpily dressed girls

Some beckoning, calling out to me and any other passerby looking like a man

Nairobi nightlife can get crazy, the nocturnals earning a living and only God can judge them

It’s almost midnight, another lost soul headed home after a long day

Want nothing else, only a warm bath and some food and some few hours rest

And then I feel a firm hand on my shoulder, I instinctively pull away with both of my hands on my bag

I know these streets can be dangerous but who might want to rob me, at least not before all these people and under these bright streetlights

I turn and it’s only a friend of mine, he’s beaming with joy

In his hands got a transparent package with a baby picture on the surface, inside is something looking like a tiny basket

He’s from the hospital, his girlfriend is only hours away from delivering his first child

Was in an interview trying to get a job when the call came in, graduating next month

I’m happy for him but jealous as well, he’s having a child and me I’m still drowning in bachelorood

Of course I’m old enough to be a family man, by now should be having a kid or two to my name

On Sunday take them to the park after church, eat ice cream and later on catch a movie while munching popcorn

During school holidays let them give mama a heart attack, kids running around a once quiet house and breaking porcelain and her holy grail.

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