Of wedding planners and poor choice of colors

If you are a wedding planner, or the chairperson of a wedding planning committee, please try asking for all the stakeholders’ opinion before settling on that particular color. Some of us just want to put on that suit long after the D-day. Choose a color a brother or sister can walk around the street or along the village paths in without people staring like he or she is an alien. Choose a color that can allow someone wear that dress to work long after the wedding and proudly tell their workmate:

“This was my friend’s wedding”.

Can you imagine a pink suit or purple, or worse, yellow for groomsmen! Of course for the bridesmaids that color may be okay, but just not for the men. I know the idea of standing out from other weddings in this era where everything is commercialized can be enticing and too sweet to resist but going for a weird color is not the answer. Come to think of it, isn’t it a waste of resources? Why should you waste your money buying a suit you can never go outdoors in, not unless you want to kill your buddies with laughter because you look like a clown.

The other day, in the late afternoon a lady friend of mine dropped by the house asking for an umbrella. Outside it was drizzling and only a moment ago the sun had been shinning. But at this time of the year, that’s the Nairobi weather for you.

“Nisaidie na umbrella sitaki nywele yangu inyeshewe.” She said.

“Kwani unaenda wapi?” I asked her and when she said, “Athi River”, I got curious.

It was getting late, and Athi River was quite a distance from the city, so I wondered what might be taking her there at such a time and under such weather condition.

“I’m one of the bridesmaids in a friend’s oncoming wedding na nguo zetu za harusi zinasonwa uko.” She replied already groping behind the couch in a manner suggesting she already knew where it was.

Of cause it was there, I saw her straining to reach something before pulling out the umbrella at almost the same time. Personally, I was still trying to figure out where I had left it the last time I used it. I rarely carry umbrellas around, not unless I want to lose it, and I know many guys who don’t do it either. I’m comfortable leaving the house with only my bag since all I have to do is strap it on my back.

After she had left I tried imagining the reason why anyone would leave the city to take their clothes to a tailor so far away from the city in some dusty remote town but when I failed to get an answer, I settled my mind on something else.

When she came back from Athi River she passed by the house to give back the umbrella and also to whine about something else, the color of the maids dress she had gone to try and ensure it’s ready before the wedding day. Said she didn’t love the color of the dress at all and the design was boring and old-fashioned. But why didn’t she speak up when they were choosing the colors and deciding on the other details? She only gave me a flimsy reason and I didn’t prod her further.

“Sikupata hata wakati wa kwenda kupima nguo yenyewe and that’s why I decided to go today after work. She said and after a moment of silence, went on.

“The color they shared with us on WhatsApp was completely different from the color I’ve seen today.”

“And I thought it was only us men who are considered colorblind!” I said indifferently.

She of cause defended herself saying the committee had done some last-minute changes and no one cared to let her know. It was ridiculous but all in all I gave her the benefit of the doubt.

Girls are always sensitive when it comes to dressing because they love looking good by wearing clothes that brings out the best in them and for that wedding committee to choose on a color that’s not that comfortable with all the girls was not fair. At least not with the amount she told me they paid for the dresses.

I’m not a wedding person. In short, I’ve never been comfortable around weddings (yesterday was my friend’s wedding and I didn’t turn up, and spend the rest of the day telling myself, “hope Dickson will understand”. Though my sister attended and I might as well say she represented me) and if I have my way, I would entirely skip the whole wedding thing when my time comes. Suffice to say I hate weddings and only God knows how uneasy I would be in one, dressed in a crazy looking outfit.

This is for the wedding committee and other people involved in making a wedding ceremony a success. Please when settling on that particular color, make sure everyone, more so the people who will be wearing that dress or that suit are okay with it. If you want to dictate a color, hire the damn clothes so that after the wedding you can return them.

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