Different Worlds Photo (8)


Photo: Mikkel Østergaard

Water hyacinth has become a big headache in some of our lakes; Lake Victoria and Naivasha, and some local communities have taken it upon themselves to try to remove the stubborn aquatic plant.

These waters are a source of their livelihood, the fishing, farming and tourism and now the hyacinth is threatening their survival. The world is full of people with bright ideas, just wonder why no one out there seem to have a solution to this hyacinth issue.

4 thoughts on “Different Worlds Photo (8)

  1. There was an attempt at KARI to introduce a bio-control – a beetle that feeds on the stuff in its South American homeland – this was back in the late 90s. It clearly didn’t work. And then there were mechanical harvesters brought in, if I remember rightly. It is one nightmare weed.

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  2. My only thought is to eliminate it by sections, and cordon off the cleared section, using mesh that can be rolled out to a depth that the seeds will not reach. The mesh must of course be water-soluble, almost like industrial-grade cheesecloth. Do not use GLYSOPHATE!

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