The Khat-chewer


Passed him late in the night as I made my way home, his jaws still champing up and down

His mouth green, even a goat would be nonplussed

On his lap, a pack full of small green leaves

And another bundle of tiny twigs tied together with a banana strip, from it he’s industriously pulling one twig at a time and munching

The other hand held a bottle of water he sipped from, the end product was something like cud if you can picture a cow or any other ruminant

Slimy and revolting substance, and he’s always spitting around green saliva in quick succession

In the morning he was already there, saw him queuing for fresh khat

They disagree but lassitude and sloveness what I see in them, they’re lazy and even languid in their movement

Dullards, they don’t see it discolours their teeth and makes them unattractive

Khat gives them virility, their argument

Makes them dreamers and ambitious, they don’t see it’s only illusion

It’s hallucinations, building castles in the air

Story of the khat-chewer, why didn’t God create him a goat instead of a human?

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