Some kids from other parts of the world were born lucky, I must say

A kid just wakes up one day, I don’t want to be part of this family anymore

I want out, I want nothing to do with you anymore

And sometimes the reason is so flimsy, might be a misunderstanding

A shortcoming, all families are that way

No family is perfect, stay together and figure out what next

That’s what families do, you don’t run away

You don’t run away just because you can stand on your own, or because you got a Right in the Constitution

From my part of the world, emancipation is unheard of

Here family is everything, who can imagine a life without a family name

Even if the so-called family is nothing close to a real family, you still want to be part of it

You still want to go to the family cemetery with a bottle of liquor and pour libation, this is for you grandpa (Madekesi Sr.)

But if you insist about leaving, the door is open see yourself out

After all the family land was not enough for ya’ll, your brothers will forever be in your debt.

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