Mother’s Sacrifice

She was always stubborn, or maybe it was bravery

People say it was desperation, wanted a child so much to save her from barrenness shame

She wanted to feel easy at her friends’ baby showers, wanted to be called so and so’s mother too

Some say she was scared, was scared her husband would leave her for another woman who can bear him an heir

But people will always say anything, anything to quench their thirst of curiosity and sometimes just to inflict pain

The doctor advised her not to keep it, it was inextricably impacted

She could lose her life, but she couldn’t let them touch her baby

Courageously fought through the excruciating ordeal, gnawed her lips raw

Cursed the doctors, cursed men and cursed God

At long last it came to an end, a beautiful baby girl in the nurse’s hands at the other end

At the other end the mother supinely lay, sweat beads shining on her face and she looked peaceful

Didn’t open her eyes again, with teary eyes the nurse delicately placed the baby in her mama’s arms

Even in her death, deserved to hold what she had sacrificed her precious life for

One life for another, only a mother can do that.

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