How do you kill your own child?

This is one of those moments when words fail me, words to describe this world we live in

Full of atrocious people, no longer need to wait for nightfall to perpetrate evil

Can’t hold them tears, now it’s messing up this beautiful notebook

My hand is involuntarily shaking, can’t hold the pen

Emotions are high, still wishing it was all fiction or it happened in some distant land

So that I can only shrug indifferently with detached feelings, isn’t that what we humans do

How do you live with yourself knowing you beat your child to death, she failed her primary school exam

Her only sin, failing an exam

How many doctors and engineers out there failed in crucial exams and still made it, thousands of professors and other professionals who at one time performed dismally can witness

And that she ran away to her boyfriend’s place after the poor school results, anyone would’ve done the same with such obnoxious parents

Now they’ll have to live with that blood on their hands, forever with them even in their lonely prison cells.

17 thoughts on “How do you kill your own child?

  1. The world has long been like this, and perhaps it is tasked to our generation to try to change some of these things. I have read accounts of things like this since the recording of history began. So we have not learned, or maybe our dual nature (i.e. love and hate, birth and death, cold and heat, hunger and nourishment, etc.) is just beginning to be recognized. We must continue to do what we can to save our planet. All life is sacred, and people are not born evil. We are all critical to the survival of this earth or we would not be here. We must not give up. Every little thing we do may be multiplied somewhere along the way.

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