He’s no special kid

He had a gift, he could remember big numbers and dates dating back to even before he was born

He would accurately tell you the date, you’ll think he’s a computer

He was a special kid, had a gift

But no one believed in him, everyone said he was deranged and should be locked up in an asylum or house of delusion

The media was there and interviewed him and made him famous on TV and still no help, no government agency to help him explore his gift

So he can be an inspiration to not only those with disabilities, but to all of us that you can be anyone under the sun

No matter how different you are, can still make the world a better place on your own different way

But no one believed in him, no one gave him a chance to prove himself

Now he’s wasting away in the village, only kids milling around him to hear him speak big numbers

Some adults come too, only to have the boy tell them their birthday because they can’t remember and they’ve been celebrating wrong date

He always got it right and it made them beam with excitement mixed with gratitude, they’ll stare at the kid with awe.

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