A woman who knows what she want

I should not wish you to leave again, or ever

You’re a wealthy man already, no need to increase your wealth

You’re famous as well, with no need to increase that fame

You’ve traveled the world, seen wonders we can only imagine

But now you’ve responsibilities, and you’ll shortly have me for another when we finally tie the knot

And I hope we’ll both have others when we get kids, and kids are a hell of a responsibility

I should not have wished to marry that boy, not then or now

I want a mature and sober and dependable man, and I want him at home

I took you to be that and if not and still harbor a restless and reckless boy inside you, better confess now

We’ll have to put on a good face for our families and friends, and all the gossips when we announce the dissolution of our betrothal.

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