Lost his wife in church

He’s just new in town with a beautiful family, wife and two wonderful kids

And he’s God-fearing, wants his kids to grow up in the wisdom of God

He’s aware the world of today needs people with self-discipline, people who can face today’s challenges with a brave face

So one Sunday he led his family to this magnificent church, was after looking around for a while

In this city finding the right church can be tricky, be carefully or you risk losing your soul

After a while things start to change, her wife is not the same homely woman anymore

She’s changed, doesn’t respect him anymore

One Sunday goes to church with his family and comes back home alone, her wife left with another man

Bishop’s chosen one, a man of means and enough wealth

She decided the wife doesn’t deserve such a poor man, the next Sunday he went to the same church and he was unwelcome

Told he can have his kids when they turn 18, still asking himself why he went to that church.

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