Her body scent

I don’t know if it’s just a cologne, or her body scent

But I swear, that scent is the first thing I noticed about her

Even before I met her eyes, before I even noticed that wan shy smile she wore on her beautiful lips

Rose petals, dangerously red

The fragrance that made me benign soon as I inhaled, complemented her and she giggled lasciviously

That scent, so distinctive I would still point her out in a medley of smells

Asked for her name, only to see if it’s Rose or Chrysanthemum

We confined ourselves in only innocuous subjects but I wanted more, was clear she wanted more as well

Wanted to tell her, I would still have picked you even if you were grotisquely ugly

I would stand the humiliation of the world sneering and judging, a wiseman said that inner beauty is all that matters when it comes to women

And purity is best detected in the wine, not in the waxen seal or the flask.

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