Condemned to death for killing her rapist husband (Justice for Noura)


Meanwhile somewhere in Sudan, a beautiful woman is condemned to death

A sad tale of Noura Hussein and she’s only 19, she had a dream and she wanted to be at school but

Was married by her family at a tender age of 16, fled and was tricked back to the man by her own family

All she did was say no to him, she wasn’t ready and she didn’t love him

Was forced to marry him by her parents, but you can force a cow to a river but you can never force it to drink water

She couldn’t let him touch her again, not after raping her a day before with the help of his family

Two men pinning her down and the husband raping, appalling

Tried repelling his advances in vain, said she’s his wife and paid dowry and had every right over her

But she knew that she had power as well, there was always something she could do

She couldn’t spend the rest of her life with that beast, she made a choice

Her choice wasn’t popular but it was still her choice, she was ready for the consequences

Took a knife and a stab on the heart ended his pathetic life, he can’t hurt any other woman again

Now the Sharia Law says she has to die, it’s not fair.

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