Nairobi weather this December


Now this weather is beginning to get on my nerve. WTF happened to waking up to some beautiful sunshine in this city? Nairobi, being the city under the sun, the last thing you expect is to wake up to a chilly weather, especially not now in December. During this month, all you are looking forward to is waking up like a tourist, the rising sun projecting warm, colorful rays through the window and other openings into the room and caressing your sleepy skin, announcing a new day.

Sometimes we all need a reminder, we need something or someone to make us look forward to another day. We are humans, and we all go through shitty days, and it can be frustrating and tiring to imagine waking up to another of such days, and if you can get something to remind you and encourage you to get out of that bed in a tenderly way,  it should be a welcome.

Today, and in fact for the last few days we have been waking up to a very discouraging weather. You wake up ready for whatever the hell your day has in store for you only to step out of the door and it’s raining. You have to get back to the house and chose suitable shoes because outside there’s mud all over the place with small pools of water. The county government is too lazy to even think of repairing some of the estate roads that were shoddily done by the Chinese, and the estate management doesn’t care about the state of their estate. All that they’re concerned with is checking bank accounts and erecting more and more houses. Default in paying up your house rent and wait to see what happens to you and your family (if you have any), and your property.

You also have to carry an umbrella — extra burden for you – and some of us hate carrying umbrellas around.  personally I end up forgetting mine in matatus, and in the Nairobi matatus, I doubt if you can get back your lost item, lest it’s a child’s shoe – seen tiny shoes hanging from the roof of matatus and buses waiting for their owners – or a child itself.


Today it was raining heavily, almost like the rain we experience back in my village in Western Kenya, with wind making the umbrellas seem almost useless. I had to scramble with other passengers into one of the waiting matatus with a bloodshot tout standing at the door calling out to passengers with a mouth full of mirra. He’s among the special category of people the internal CS, Fred Matiang’i was speaking of during the last PSV Operation. He wanted to completely do away with touts for harassing and stealing from passengers, and also for collecting money from matatu owners while all they do is bask in the sun all day chewing mirra.

When I got into the matatu, having nothing else to do apart from staring at the rain drops hitting at the matatu window with such furry you’ll think the heavens are mad at us, and sulking at the jam outside —  another problem with our Kenyans roads. Each time it rains be assured to spend hours stuck on the road. It seems most people choose to go out in their personal cars, hence the heavy traffic – decided to visit the google weather on my phone to see how my city was doing on that front. The temperatures were 21 degrees Celsius, high humidity of 65% and wind blowing at 11km/h. I didn’t care much about the other factors like precipitation which was very low in percentage as well.

In December when everyone is looking forward to the festive season, to go out and enjoy themselves and do fun stuff like shopping or going for hikes and road trips, no one expects such weather condition. If I had the means, swear I would run away to paradise till this sickening weather resumes normalcy. Behave like the rich tourists from the west who come to Africa to escape winter in their countries (some people were born lucky for sure. Having all those options at your disposal).

And I really don’t know what happened to the beautiful climate we had when I was a kid. During the August and December school holidays it was sunshine all day, and so we spend half the day swimming in the river and hunting birds with catapults in the woods. The sky was always blue with few cirrus clouds scattered across it and the Jacaranda trees in full bloom. And now looking out of the window, all I’m left to do is reminisce and hope I will make my fortune quickly enough to escape this weather next time.

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