Does age matter in a relationship?

Don’t treat me like a child, I’m seventeen

Only a year shy of eighteen, I would soon be an adult

And then we won’t have to hide us from anyone, we would let the whole world know we’re in love

What I feel for you is real, I know you feel it as well

If only you could admit it, you are in love with me but only scared

Scared of the cost of our love, but I told you already that it’s priceless

Look at me, I’m I not a woman already

I’m I no longer beautiful, you said I’m the prettiest thing you ever saw

Stop pushing me away, you’re not protecting me but hurting me

A whole year is too long, time never waits for even a king

I doubt if you’ll wait that long for me to graduate into adulthood, not with all them other girls running after you

I may be young in age but old enough to know what my heart wants, I can’t afford to lose you

Let’s just forget about age for a while, isn’t it only a number

Dont let it destroy what we have, she said placidly

Her face was downcast, her bowed head had more the sweetly melancholy glow of grain in the sheaf.

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