The reason she left for another man (ex-girlfriend’s tale 3 years later)

You know I was out of options, I had nowhere or no one else to turn to

Mama had just moved in with another man, and I was no longer welcome

I was suffocating, tried telling you but you weren’t listening

Kept insisting that I should hold on a little longer, till you graduated and figured out what next

Maybe move in together, but time is what I didn’t have

I urgently needed a roof over my head, needed food and clothes

Even school wasn’t a priority anymore, just wanted to live through another night and see another day

And you were my only light, I knew if you fucked me up then my whole life was fucked up forever

Can you believe there’s a time I thought about getting pregnant just to have a hold on you, thought was the only way for us to move in together

But anyway now you know why I moved in with him, my baby’s dad

He wasn’t the man of my dreams, or the man I loved but he took me in and wiped my tears

True, sometimes I think about what it might’ve been with you

If you had moved in with me and let us be a family like we always wanted, maybe we would’ve struggled

Maybe would’ve gone hungry and sometimes cold in the streets, but I’m sure we would’ve come out just fine

Bruised but stronger, and still together

But maybe was for the best, everything happens for a reason

It’s all in the past now, why lament over spilt milk?

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