The man at the quay

It was there at the quay, down in Mombasa

The place where with tears he bade her farewell, where he embraced her and stood watching as she entered the luxury cruise ship

It was there that he stood waving till the ship was nothing but a small dot on the horizon

She had promised to come back, the following December at the same time

It’s time and he has been standing at the same place at the quay for a week now, dawn to dusk

Staring at the Blue Indian waters, hoping to spot her coming off some luxury ship

It has to be that one, hopefully gets to a higher ground to have a better view

Comes closer and it’s only a fishing boat full of haughty fishermen, as the dark blanket engulfs the coast and the last rays of the sun vanishes ushering in the night

With a forlorn heart trudges up the road back to his hotel room, came from Nairobi to wait for the girl that left the coast with his heart

Met in Mombasa down at the beach, she was secretly taking photos of him as he swam

Confronted her and to apologize, agreed to have coffee with him at the cafeteria

That’s how it began, and a fling followed and now he’s waiting on her to come back and finish what they started

The next day he goes back at the quay praying, he’d lost hope of ever seeing her lady again and plans to leave for home the next day

Maybe she forgot about him, can’t blame her

He’s just another poor African young man in love with a rich American girl, maybe she took him for nothing more than a beach bum

In the late afternoon, when the sun was furiously burning down and his body could bear no more

Decided to go to the beach where they first met, he wanted the ocean water to wash away his tears and soothe his sorrowful heart

Maybe the tears would find their own way to her and pass on his pain, follow the current to the coast at her home

Took a deep breath and dived into the ocean and remained under water for some time, when he surfaced he saw a bright flash

Wiped water from his face with his hands and looked at where the flash came from, there stood a beautiful white lady in a pink dress smiling with a camera in hand

Called his name, he came out of the water and when he saw it was her

With a broad smile said, this time I’m going to sue your beautiful ass

She dropped everything and dashed towards him and he ran to meet her, took her in his arms and they tightly hold each other till they couldn’t breathe

Collapsed down in the sand, remained there for the rest of the evening kissing.

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