Why is everyone so focused on light-skinned girls? (What’s the problem with dark skin?)


grayscale photo of topless woman
Photo by Dazzle Jam on Pexels.com

From commercials to acting and even singing auditions, nowadays almost everyone is only picking girls with lighter skins. Today’s TV presenters must have a “TV Face”, light skin – brown, white, yellow or even red – to attract more viewers. And this is the case in almost three-quarters of our media houses. But what about that brilliant dark-skinned girl? What happens to her?

And what’s the repercussion of this craziness? Our beautiful dark-skinned girls lose self-esteem. Losing faith in their skins. The dark skin girl starts believing that her fellow girl with a lighter skin is more important than her. She grows up believing she’s of less value just because of her skin color. A girl with a better résumé, but with not so light skin goes to a job interview feeling inferior after seeing applicants with light skins and who according to today’s society are considered beautiful. Today’s society holds light-skinned people – women — in high regard as compared to their counterparts.

Nowadays we have girls in my country and across the continent who are only looking for light skin guys for potential suitors to enhance their chances of mothering children with “acceptable” skin, who allegedly have higher chances of surviving today’s materialistic world. Some of our women are wired to believe that only light-skinned children can succeed in life, and it’s a pity. A parent raises her girl child to either marry a rich man or be a concubine to one.

Today go to a social function like a wedding, or even a funeral or any other gathering and see how many nice complements a light-skinned child would get as compared to that of a dark-skinned child. You would hear:

“Oh, she’s pretty!” A lady would cry,

“I love her hair!” Another would gasp from another corner,

“Mind if I carry her?” Another lady would ask, tenderly touching the baby’s tiny fingers, “Hey baby!”

“I want such a beautiful baby.” A girl would tell herself or loud enough for her friends to hear.

You would rarely hear such pleasantries going out to a beautiful dark-skinned baby whose only “fault” is being born with a dark skin – more melanin that God pumped into its skin. It’s sickening! It even makes some parents, those of dark-skinned children resent their own children. Some have gone as far as hiding their children from the world, or started applying only God knows what beauty products to their innocent children in an effort to make their skins lighter. We have all heard that some of these beauty products can have adverse effects to the skin of an adult, let alone that of a baby.

So your dark-skinned child grows up already with these crude ideas in her head that she’s worthless or not enough. That she’s not beautiful and she can’t be anyone important just because of the tone of her skin. And you are wondering why our women are “bleaching” – and how they hate this word – their skins and using all these beauty products in the market with the promise of turning them into overnight beauties. What’s more sickening, is the fact that we have some men using these products to enhance their skin pigmentation as well. Bongo superstar, Diamond Platinumz at the start of his music career didn’t look like he looks today, and sometimes back we all heard rumours of our very own rapper, Khaligragh Jones who is said to have bleached.

Social media has even made it worse. You go to Instagram and Facebook today and see photos of our girls. Almost every photo of a lady you come across is of a light skin girl, even that of your neighbour whose skin is as black as coal, or the dark side of the moon where the Chinese are sending a rover. Now we have Instagram queens who all edit their photos to look like Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj at the same time, but if you meet them in real life you’ll be shocked. So you know, I follow none of these confused ladies.

wadi-lissa-360921-unsplash (1)

Sometime back a girl friend of mine who I hadn’t seen in quite a long time called on me, and I was dumbfounded when I saw her face and her arms. With the exception of her knuckles and elbows, she looked so brown and almost scary and I always knew she was dark-skinned. To be honest, she looked horrible and with the attitude I’ve always had towards girls who are bleaching, I told her to her face what I thought of her and as you would expect she was offended.

“You never change!” She hissed after the harsh welcoming statement.

“And now you know why I don’t visit you anymore.” She continued, picking up her lady’s clutch as she got up to leave.

Of course I didn’t let her leave. I apologized and convinced her to stay a little longer. After that day I didn’t see her again for sometime, and only resurfaced last weekend but this time looking like her former self except that her face looked like the surface of the full moon. Small craters and tiny spots dotted her once pretty face. I felt like asking her if it was worth it, but I knew better than to open my mouth.

I don’t know the woman I will marry – dark-skinned, brown-skinned, white-skinned, red-skinned, yellow-skinned – and it doesn’t matter, all that I’m praying is that she won’t be one of these brainwashed girls we have today. I want a wife who would raise our child like any other child, regardless of the color of her skin. I don’t want my child to be raised like she’s less special or of lesser value just because she’s dark-skinned. I want my kid to grow up confident and comfortable in his or her skin. I want my baby girl to know that it doesn’t matter how she looks, all that matters is the power of her brain and the beauty of her heart. I want my baby girl to be as confident as Lupita Nyong’o.

25 thoughts on “Why is everyone so focused on light-skinned girls? (What’s the problem with dark skin?)

  1. When is the world going to realize that we are spirit? In the world to come there is no black or white or Asian or anything else that you’re used to. I believe that when Christ gives us our new bodies that we’re all going to look at what was and feel so foolish.

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  2. Beautiful.
    Really great piece.
    Nowadays in India also this is becoming too much dominant factor.
    In Indian culture there is mention of a goddess named jagatsundari, means the most beautiful in whole world and she has black skin.

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    1. Wow! That’s what I’m talking about. Proud of who you are, and equally teaching your children to do the same. I’m glad you left your feedback here. Thank you and have a wonderful time and a Happy New Year with your family!

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