When a leopard attacked a village

It was almost midnight when the noise started, cutting through the night air of the sleepy village

First it was only sheep bleating in excruciating agony and despair, and then a shrill cry of a woman which was followed by a man’s booming voice

Before long it was the entire household crying out for help, clinking metalware and anything that could cause some noise

Soon it was taken over by the farmer’s immediate neighbors, then the entire village

It was a tumult of noises, adults shouting and kids crying in consternation

Mixed with the stampeding animals, cattle and goats and sheep and pigs scurrying hither and thither

The birds were bursting up everywhere, squawking and screeching

The whole village was soon vibrating like a deafening thunder, the ground trembled and quivered

And the surrounding villages soon followed suit, and the midnight wave continued

But it was only a hungry leopard the cause of that babel, wandered into the village and into the farmer’s shed

Attacked and killed his sheep, wounded a dozen others

And the village in solidarity with the farmer helped chase the wild animal back into the jungle, only the neighbors knew the cause of the chaos

The rest heard it when the sun came up, but with great fortitude had helped the poor farmer from the leopard’s affliction.

5 thoughts on “When a leopard attacked a village

  1. The state denies the existence of melanoid Mountain lions( locally called black panthers) in my area but I have been less than 10 feet (a few meters) from one. I have also seem them chasing after my uncle’s cattle. But, the government also says that it’s illegal for me to kill one if I ever see this thing that does not exist.

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      1. We don’t know. Presumably they don’t want people to hunt them but the conspiracy theory is that they were imported to control the deer population. This upsets the hunters because that’s something that could have been done by making the hunting season longer.
        I’m more inclined to believe that it’s because they want to protect an endangered species but do not want to be responsible for paying ranchers for lost livestock.

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