Relevant in the grave


Five-piece suit, Emporio Armani

All black, the suit he was buried in

Funny he spend most of his life in secondhand clothes, couldn’t afford fancy stuff

The obsequy was of such splendid pomp and thronged attendance and citywide mourning, a stranger would’ve confused it for a state funeral

Dozens of bulls butchered, plenty of rice and ugali ( both maize and sorghum) for the mourners

Now he has full attention of both local and international media, from the archives they’re digging for his works

His name among the top searched on Google, and he’s trending on social media even though he was never popular on both those platforms

Like a prophet, he was more respected abroad than at home

His critics are now his die-hard fans, pampering his name with praises

World of hypocrisy, friends he hadn’t seen in years the ones carrying his coffin to his final resting place in the cemetery

Consoling his widow and orphans, when he needed them alive they were nowhere to be seen

Used to see the beauty in this world, now see the truth.

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