The Cursed Policeman



The bus was over-speeding, late at night and deep in the forest

Many passengers on board, adults and children

Headed home to the countryside, it’s the holiday season

At the police stop, the officer raised his hand to stop the bus

Asked the driver to breathe through the alcoblow, noticed he had alcohol in his system

Commanded him to get out, instead the driver reached for some cash in the dashboard and handed the officer

He took the money and quickly pushed it in his pocket, waved the driver on

As the bus pulled away to embark on its journey, he stood there smiling as he split the bribe money with his partner

But barely had he sat down in his patrol car to wait on another victim than he had a loud bang, asked his partner to drive so they can go and check it out

Got there and it was the last bus they had let through, had rolled over a couple of times and was in bad shape

Many dead, many more injured

Called in for help, in the meantime with his partner robbed from those they pulled out of the wreckage.

6 thoughts on “The Cursed Policeman

    1. But that’s exactly what happens down here sir. You look at the statistics of the number of people we lose on our Kenyan roads and believe me it’ll scare you. And most of this caused by careless driving… cops get bribed and look the other way.

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