The Girl of Last Year

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Wanted her to call back or maybe leave a message, her silence frightening,

Scared of lightning when it rains, but this scares more than lightning,

Her voice as she laugh in my head too loud, can’t sleep through the night,

It’s when the memories come flooding, her face the only one in sight.


I’m a haunted man, fall in love with the wrong woman,

So they say behind my back, that her actions inhuman,

Else she wouldn’t have left me, not without any flicker of remorse,

Not after everything been through, maybe it’s time to count my loss.


Known her all my life, best of friends before we became lovers,

Each night like the first, in my arms the girl is all nervous,

In the city far away from home and still found each other, believed we’d grow old together in some warm house by the lake,

Watching the sun set by the quay or in an old canoe, wake up and it’s only a dream with a pain in my heart I can’t take.


Dreaming under the stars, lying on the mowered grass by mama’s fishpond,

Acting like renegades, making a mess at home and running away to villages beyond,

Two young souls freely roaming the countryside, let fate decide next destination,

One Swahili proverb says “ujana ni moshi”, do it all today no more procrastination.


And then we parted ways, and in that house had to cross the year all alone,

Been at the bar where we spend weekends, loudly laughing like the place was our own,

Listening to same music allover again, sharing what we did at work and the chances we missed,

At the end of the day leave for home hand in hand, behind left a trail of angry people we pissed.


The girl of last year, wanted her to hold on a little longer,

To believe in us and let the dark cloud pass, together we were stronger,

Maybe I messed up, let a good girl leave,

Maybe was meant to be, let go of the past and just live.

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