Religion Jinx

I know who you are when no one is watching, behind closed doors when you get off that chador

The only thing that makes you a Muslim, the only chain holding you back

Bitter tears freely flowing, hope it’ll escape with some of your pain

No peaceful night for you, the same nightmares again

Need a glass of water, in the living room bump into this stranger with all his nudity exposed before your eyes

No need to ask, mama came home with another man

That stupid boy is still playing with your heart, you wanna leave that house by all means

But no Muslim man to sweep you off your feet and give you a dream wedding yet, the boy is still convincing his papa that you are a real Muslim

And it’s your fault, introduced him to your drunkard look-warm Muslim mama

In the presence of your Christian step-dad, watching all these haram shows on TV

Now you’re so tired, sometimes the evil thoughts creep into your head

You stand on the balcony staring at the ground below, but you have no guts to go through with it

What if you survive, you know your mama would never stick around to take care of a cripple

Should try job searching again, this time round walk into the interview room without the hijab

It’s a sensitive country you know, so tough for a Muslim woman with no degree to her name

I know sometimes you think of me, maybe you should’ve given a Christian boy a chance.

(Who knows)

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