How I view the guy on this photo by Denerio Watkins on Unsplash is very different from the way you view it.

The answer to my question is both YES, and NO. Yes in the sense that what others think of you is the product of the impression you give. Your character, your attitude all play a vital role in determining people’s judgment of you, to different groups of people that’s important.

What others think of you is so important in today’s world and probably that’s the reason why you see most people on social media trying to maintain a certain profile of themselves. If you introduced yourself on Instagram as this light-skinned chic and in real life you are dark-skinned, it’s important you maintain that. Post after post, you’ll have to be that character because that’s how your followers, those who have never met you in real life know you. Messing that up by posting the real you will only confuse your following and jeopardize your end goal.

So to some people it really does matter what others think of them. And not only socialites and other screwed up people that are really dependent on other people’s views of them, politicians too, and in fact they’re the number one in this category of people.

For a politician perception matters. What your constituents, your fellow citizens, your countrymen thinks of you, sometimes can be the difference between you winning or losing an election. That’s why some politicians will go out of their way to appear philanthropic and all sentimental in the presence of a camera. They’re doing this not because they’re good people, but because they want the electorate to see them as good people. So to them what others think of them is that important. A politician will kill you if you threaten his or her reputation.

But to another quarter of people, what others think of them is of the least importance. To them is just your opinion and you’re entitled to it, as long as it doesn’t come in the way of their livelihood, you can as well go to hell with it for all they care.

What you out there think of me is varied and that’s the reality of life. From the moment you meet me, you’ll always develop this first time impression about me, and unfortunately I have no power over that. To some people this is very important and for instance if it was a date, a lady would’ve spent hours in the house just preparing herself for that moment, and some men as well. You don’t wanna be a disappointment on the first date. You would’ve googled, practiced, and rehearsed some etiquette because you want to leave a positive impression like that of a well natured person. First impression matters, right?

Even for writers and bloggers like me, over the blogosphere what others think of us is so different even if we’ve never met in person. Just by what I write, what I post, and all the different things that we share, leaves a different impression on your audience. Me for instance, I’m very positive there are people who think of me as a talented writer, to some I’m this poor young man parading miseries of his poor world, others think of me as a blogger trying to be someone he’s not, while some don’t even care.

That’s the reality of life. True, I may be all that, or maybe not, but at the end of the day what matters the most, is what I think about myself. What I think about ME, and not what YOU think about ME.


  1. Most people in America would probably classify me as a “Redneck Hillbilly” with all of the false narratives that go along with the name. They don’t really know us and judge us by what they see in T.V.. T.V. is interesting but often wrong. However, in my culture we have a deep respect for honesty in how you present yourself. Most of really don’t care about the color of your skin. Presenting yourself as you truly are is what’s important.
    Most of us also have that attitude that if someone doesn’t like you for who you truly are in the first place will probably be a problem later and mot worthy of your time and energy.
    Politicians should have to tested for mental and emotional health before they are allowed to be on the ballot.

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    1. Well said my friend. People should like you for who you truly are. And we should think carefully when it comes to politicians coz they’re the masters of deceit.

      Thankyou for stopping by and have a wonderful time over there!

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      1. I will read it now, this weekend and I will let you know what I have found…
        Oka, let’s play this reading thing, you gotta read my stuff and I will read yours… cool? Will let you know over the weekend 🤣🤣🤣

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  2. You just answered me on the last part… because I was going to ask from an individual perspective how a person should perceive themselves to the outside world… in some cases people see through you, like the statement you made about the Politicians, if they overdo things or oversell themselves people see through them… and it’s actually a gamble to try to play people than to play you.

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