Can’t even look at me twice, always looking down on me,

The ladies and some of the boys, say can’t be friends with me,

They say I’m ugly, some say I’m broke and can’t date a broke guy,

They treat me like I’m retarded, treat me like I’m this broken guy.


My self-esteem, that’s what it has taken away,

All left is an empty soul and insecure man, made to sway,

Can’t smile at the world, I’m thinking even the trees are judging,

A stranger smiles at me and I’m offended, I’m soon charging.


It can’t be real, such a beautiful girl can’t be in love with me,

I’ma use and dump her before she dumps me, it’s selfish but I’m protecting me,

I’m telling myself, I don’t wanna be hurt,

What about her, I’m forgetting she too got a heart.


It was selfish of them to treat me that way, and now I’m lost,

I’m treating everyone else the same way, you know that’s the cost,

Their selfishness made me selfish, it turned my world cold,

But I’ll learn to treat you right, when you give me your hand to hold.

4 thoughts on “Selfish

    1. I hear you B.

      All I was trying to say is that a young person who is rejected or segregated on the basis of his looks and other such factors grows up with esteem issues that end up affecting not just him, but all those around him.

      Thank you! Hope you doing great over there.

      Liked by 1 person

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