Young and Misguided


The meal time bell just rung and still not leaving, not going anywhere

Not when she’s still dancing that provocatively, the skimpy costume she got on is soon giving up if she doesn’t stop

The audience; students and teachers, visitors and judges’ eyes on her

But she’s only looking at one person in the middle of that frenzy, one skinny boy amidst seniors

She looks familiar, just can’t recall ever seeing her

The drama and music festival comes to an end and goes back to her school, no luck asking for her name.


On the village path after sunset, mama keeps saying it’s dangerous but I wanna act like a man

No weed but sometimes my friends offer me free liquor, love the sweet-testing one

The local brew that looks like porridge, the one brewed from millet

Need something to tell my friends back at school, a new experience for my essays.


On my bike riding around the neighborhood, with this stance you’ll think I’m a predator ready to pounce on prey

Long shadows from the sinking African sun, red mud from the heavy downpour the day before

Almost turning in to call it a day, the poor cattle need my help getting into the shed

And then I see her, that pretty dancer from school.


She remembers me, puts on this smile that haunts me to date

Have we met before, I ask pretentiously

Don’t think so but I’m sure you were one of my audience, I’m Kiki and was on my way to pick something from the shop

Took her to my brother’s, crazy but wanted her to know my home

Wanted her to meet my brother and his wife, wanted to show her off to my friends

Wanted them to see how beautiful she was, to agree she’s polite and kind.


One night an arrow misses me by a whisker, another night on a mission to sneak her out of her room

Good music in the neighborhood, an old man just passed away and disco matanga in his wake

With her holiday was always short, school opening day agreed to feign sickness and extend by a week

My friend got a new girl at Kiki’s school, on Saturday during entertainment we sneaking out

Coming back on Sunday and no worries, getting back in with the church group.


The teachers are worried, my grades falling

Know my mother, know she’s a single parent

Staring at the counselor in her office, she’s reminding me I’m a bright student while I’m thinking of Kiki

Last time said she missed her periods, if it’s pregnancy she’s keeping the baby

But I’m ready to send her the rest of my pocket-money for the pills, she must get rid of the baby

Judge me whichever way you like, we were just young and misguided.


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