Madekesiworld (Acrostic Poem)

Makeshift shanties with fronds rooftop, the panoramic view from the hotel,

Away from the luxuries of the rich, that’s Mombasa for you,

Dreams shattered and blood shed for that Italian to acquire that land, the one his luxury hotel now stands on,

Each day million more in his bank account, the poor man’s children dropped out of school because of fees,

Kenya is a beautiful country, we love tourists and welcome investors,

East or West home is the best, my flag up high even though I’m drowning,

See the love in my eyes as I greet the stranger in the streets, terrorism has taught us to live like animals but for me humanity first,

I live today and if I die tomorrow, taking the world with me,

When they mistreat employees and pay them peanuts after building them empires, I hate them but hate the government more,

Organized infringement of human rights, a bribe or bullet the only choice for the loud-mouthed activist,

Reconsider your priorities, family first or your country,

Love you mama, we’re all grown up he can’t hurt you now,

Dreams and nightmares, this is Madekesi’s world.

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