Violinist Love


The whole theater is quiet, just the singing tone from the beautifully varnished fiddle 

Everyone is in a zombielike state, maybe the violin suffocated them

Or the beauty of the violinist took their breath away, just like it took mine

She’s the only one I’m looking at, the only one I’m listening to

From the beautiful dark hair that falls perfectly on her back, on top of that lovely satin dress

To the movement of her perfect fingers, tenderly caressing the strings to produce the magical vibrations

Her slender body sinuously swaying to the rhythm of her own music, she’s a goddess

Lost in space with her, can’t feel myself only my faint breathing

And at the climax, the audience is frenzied

Everyone is eccentrically applauding, I’m not

Deliriously staring at the beautiful violinist, in love with her.

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