Two years blogging (Madekesiworld)

How time flies! I still can’t believe it’s two years already.

Today I celebrate two years of blogging. On 21st February 2017, I started the challenging process of building this little getaway home of mine. Now looking back, I think what I told you guys about “just looking for a place to vent” wasn’t entirely true.

Writing is all I ever wanted, and this blog gives me exactly that. It gives me an opportunity to be a writer. Now I can write my stories and tell you guys stuff about my little country you didn’t know before. Now through my twisted poetry, I can tell you things about my world you didn’t know. I can share with you my pain, something I wouldn’t do with even my closest friends because I know most of you understand.

And I’m learning everyday, from each one of you. I’m always picking something new from all that stuff you guys share. I even feel like I know your world pretty well even though I’ve never been there physically.

Thank you each one of you for always being so supportive. You are part of the reason I’ve made it this far.

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