Foetus on the road

Please don’t let my baby die, I’m begging you,

You know how much I’ve wanted a child, can’t lose this one too,

I can’t be a barren woman anymore, my husband needs an heir,

In his people’s culture, they don’t adopt,

It’s a taboo, brings bad omen.

But how can I help you, I’m no doctor,

All I’m good at is writing stories, telling my twisted world,

I know you scared, I’m too but got to be strong for each other,

That would make mama proud, us looking out for each other,

Don’t look at it, it’s going to be okay,

I hear a siren, must be an ambulance.

Behind we leave something, a piece of the foetus on the dirty road,

Maybe we’re too late, the baby is no more.


True story…

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