She ain’t your girl

Maybe she even talks about me, in her dreams

Beside you, in your own bed at night

If she’s loudly laughing, might be my jokes

Console yourself she won’t remember any of it in the morning, but how can she forget such lucid dreams

Maybe you’re wrong, she remembers and during the day it’s worse

Sometimes she says doesn’t want to leave my side, I make her happy

Even if it’s just for a moment, I bring happy tears in her eyes

You should be worried friend, we both know what that means

You know what a girl is capable of, when she starts having regrets

Wishing to take it all back to the beginning, before you came into the picture

She’s thinking of that child you share, her excuse of holding on

But she knows a baby is not a death sentence, for a brilliant mother can be a blessing

He’s a sweet child, can love any father

Might even be mine, still have my doubts

Anyway in today’s world, don’t need a DNA test to call a child your own

My dark skin can still raise your white child, kiss it everyday on the forehead

Whisper in its ear as I place it in its bed, I’m gonna be here when you wake up baby

Just call papa when you need me, waiting in the next room for you to wake up so we can continue with our little game

So you see friend, I can even be his pops when the time comes

Still love her, and I’ll be happy to have her back

she ain’t your girl, she’s my first love

And you know how first love is, so passionate and so wrong

But it always pass the test of time, she will always come back home cause she’s my girl.

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