Don’t change


I love you just the way you are, even if sometimes I feel like I really don’t know you

But I think that’s okay, it’s okay to be unknowable

All interesting people are, but can you love someone without knowing who they are

Sometimes I wonder, when musing to myself

Maybe you don’t love someone for who they really are, maybe love is seeing them for who they rather be

And there’s when problems come in, failed expectations

I don’t want you to change, don’t kill the you I fall in love with

I know every scar on your body and even the little darkness in your heart, but I still think you’re perfect

If anyone is to change, should be me

Let me shed off my uncouth character, acting like an ill-mannered child

The one who throws a tantrum before visitors, demanding that which his parents wouldn’t let him have

It’s no secret I’m rude, I know you loathe that disgusting part of me

Still recall what you said to me first day we met, I think you were raised by wolves not people

I’ll change for you beautiful, I’ll do a paradigm shift if it’ll make you happy

If it’ll bring the lost stars back in your eyes, if it’ll bring back that warm smile you used to have

It’s not you babe, it’s me who need to change.

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