Money, dreams and nightmares



Were we always this selfish as humans, or is it because of money,

Maybe we should blame nature, but why haven’t the bees diluted honey,

The apple tree produce mangoes, chasing what we can’t have,

Who should we blame for what we’ve become, is it the one above.


Was getting attracted to those like us, of our own sex part of God’s plan,

The world is twisted, led by crazy people who only see everything as fun,

They want to break you, so they break your legs first,

They’re rich and always have their way,  no true feelings only lust.


She was the only bright thing in your life and they took her away, waited for her to come back but she never did,

Had to move on and time never waited for even a king, mama getting old and a grandchild before the afterlife a good deed,

Took her home, thought she was the best replacement for your first flame,

Swore she was done with her past, but gave the baby her ex-boyfriend’s name.


A beautiful girl with her own nightmares, tattoo of revenge spelled out on her bosom,

A bee on her lower abdomen and dagger on back, gives her focus and reason to blossom,

She’s nyctophobic, says that sometimes sees her late grandmother’s ghost,

And her boyfriend who committed suicide, still love her even though she’s lost.


Sometimes it gets in your head, but liquor and denial won’t make it right,

You’re such a gentleman but life is war, to survive you’ll need to fight,

Money the only elephant in the room, pray and place your cards right,

When you finally come out the other side of the tunnel, take a flight.


Circumnavigate the world together, look at the journey from the other side,

Take her out for dinner and look in her eyes, tell her you’ll forever be her ride,

Don’t think about the lies and the pain it caused, just kiss the tears in her eyes,

was just a childhood dream and now you living it, pour another glass and add ice.

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