My first ebook on Amazon Kindle

I finally did it. Finally my book is a reality. I have my short story, THE JACKPOT MAN on Amazon Kindle Store.

I feel it’s an achievement. An achievement in the sense that now I know the whole process of creating an ebook, and in the future I can do it without professional help — and not like I did with one anyway. I relied on the internet and got some really helpful insight.

To me, actually, the book is more of a challenge. I picked a story I once shared on my blog, and which some of you are already familiar with. It may not be perfect, at least to the standard of experienced writers, and it might not fetch that much, or anything at all, but still I’m glad I did it.

I will learn from it; from the mistakes, from the negative reviews, and I believe in the future I’ll be in a position to write better books.

My only prayer is that my readers won’t judge me harshly, and they can understand that I’m only an amateur writer who’s confident he can improve in the future.

Feel free to look at it, and even read it. Positive criticism is welcome. It’s the best way to help someone grow. I’m writing about sports betting, one of the problems that my fellow youths are faced with today. In my country alone, we have people who have lost everything because of betting, and I was only trying to highlight it. My fellow youths need to be aware of what they’re getting themselves into.

Start reading it for free: Here

3 thoughts on “My first ebook on Amazon Kindle

  1. My wife and I have learned that writing and publishing is the easy part. To be successful you need to promote your ass off.
    But the first book is the hardest. Once you build momentum it gets easier. Find some podcasts that service readers who might like your book and ask to be a guest.

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