Behind the gun


Behind that gun, the one held with a shaky perspiring hand,

Is just another lost young man, who thinks violence is the only way to rant,

To show society and its failed systems how frustrated he is, chose a gun,

It all started as a game, now he’s killing people for money and it’s no fun.


Behind that gun, is a bright boy who scored straight As,

Teachers perfect example of a good student, school’s face,

Now who would believe he’s the same boy out here, terrorizing folks,

What the hell happened to him, he used to be kind and so full of jokes.


Behind that gun, is a son mama knows is in the big city searching for a job,

Promised her a beautiful warm house, doesn’t know all her son does is rob,

Rob kill and maim people, innocent people who are just trying to survive,

Ensure baby has a meal and diapers, kiss from wife when at home he arrives.


Behind that gun, is a masked man who thinks he’s on top of the world,

Just because he got a lethal weapon, he fires up people scramble to hide,

No one wants to die tonight, please take everything and leave us alone,

Its only property, human life is priceless and to their life tightly holding on.


Behind that gun, is a young man trapped in his own skin,

Blames everyone except himself, his heart is cold and mean,

Couldn’t even keep the girl he loves the most, she eventually moved on and still can’t accept that bitter fact,

Believes only sentimental people talk of heartbreak, but at night painful tears wet the sheets and it’s no act.


Behind that gun, is a little boy hurting inside,

Who needs help, but can’t find anyone to confide,

In like he did with her before that heartbreak, before the devil came in,

Snatched gentleness out of him, all that remains is a spiritless soul to life pressure caved in.


Behind that gun, is a boy who chose violence to solve his personal issues,

Thought his girl left cause he was poor, wants riches and the world to wear his shoes,

She didn’t come back, now on her new boyfriend’s head he got a gun,

Out of jealousy he wanna take him out, but the girl chose the better man.


Behind that gun, is a drooling imbecile oblivious to the fact that soon he is going to die,

Police bullets turning his body into a sieve, all he recalls is excruciating pain and world turning blind eye,

Shouldn’t have let one bad choice define rest of his life, now six feet deep he rests in the grave,

Behind that gun, is he who died by the gun he lived by and his remains in unmarked grave like a slave.

13 thoughts on “Behind the gun

  1. In Appalachia we say that if when I die I can say that my weapon was never fired in anger I will have lived a successful life. But, if I fail to defend the innocent because I gave up my power I have failed in life. When my grandfather was teaching me how to shoot each lesson would start with a lecture about how sacred life was. When he was soldier he killed the Nazis but it bothered him his whole life.


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