Ruto 2022 Presidency: Needs Cambridge Analytica


Do you know how much money the US president, Donald Trump paid — no more “allegedly” because it’s now a fact — Cambridge Analytica? Over $6 billion. Try converting that to our struggling local currency and see what I’m really talking about.

Why did he do that? You must be asking. Well, it’s obvious, to beat his competitor, Hillary Clinton in the race to the White House. And you know he succeeded. You’ve heard the phrase, “money won Trump Presidency,” and sure it did. He bought his way to the world most powerful seat against all odds.

Trump and his campaign team knew there’s no way they were going to beat Hillary Clinton, who was popular not only in the US, but around the globe, using conventional campaign methods i.e traversing the country and sweet-talking hostile folks, convincing them that you’re the better candidate. It no longer works. That shit is no longer selling, at least not to the today’s generation.

No millennial has time to spend listening to you verbally attack your opponent. This generation don’t even watch news, not unless is gossip, or sports. They don’t give a f**ck about your vision for the country just because you came to their neighborhood in some fancy suit, talking salvation and hope like you’re second Jesus. Nah! Not unless you pop up on their smartphone screens.

And that’s exactly what Trump and his campaign team did. The Trump team decided to make use of technology, specifically, data technology. They utilized all these thrown around data to get to voters — individual voters.

Data Technology (DT) is the future, and you don’t need to have sat in an IT class to know that. Ask any tech-savvy guy near you about Data Technology and I’m sure they’ll be more than happy to feed you in. But for now all you need to know is that DT is the future of everything, and that include politics.

Cookies, which are small bits of data you leave lying around as you go about the internet; tweeting and posting all that frustration, sharing photos on Facebook and Instagram, viewing all these crazy videos on YouTube, as you go shopping on Jumia and Amazon, on WhatsApp sexting, Telegram and all the other Social media out there.

All these cookies are collected and saved for the right customer, and for the right price immediately you log out.

Three quarters of internet users don’t even know about cookies, and probably dont even care. But even those like us who are aware are still helpless nevertheless, and no matter what you do, you can never be that careful. They always win. They have many secret programs pre-installed in those devices that we even don’t know about. Have you asked yourself why the US government is suspicious of Huawei Technologies?

To a certain quarter of people, these tiny pieces of “nothing” is everything. they’ll pay guys like Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook CEO billions of dollars for it. And now you know why in the recent months Facebook has been under serious scrutiny. Why it’s being investigated by the FBI and DOJ for mishandling user privacy and its alleged involvement in the last elections.

The more reason you should think twice before installing those betting Apps like Sportpesa on your phones. Have you ever asked yourself how these marketing messages that you keep finding in your inbox got hold of your contact. Don’t worry, it’s your service provider who sold you out. And Safaricom is the biggest culprit.

It is said that was only in the last three months to election that Trump team decided to let the geniuses at Cambridge Analytica come in and do their thing. People like Brittany Kaiser will tell you how they do it.

The Trump team already knew the key States they needed to win to beat Clinton, namely; Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. (Though I hear these same States have now turned against him).

And most of these job was done by Cambridge Analytica through these data they have on millions of US citizens; from what they eat, what they like on Facebook, their views on the presidential candidates, whether they’re fitness enthusiasts or not, their favorite pornographic sites, what they think about gun control, et cetera. The number of likes you get on Instagram, or Facebook alone makes the internet know you probably more than your own mother.

For instance, a voter supporting Hillary Clinton and a gun owner, who’s obviously against gun control, is more likely to receive a post on their Facebook saying something like, “Are you aware Hillary Clinton wants to take your gun away?”

As you can imagine that voter is most likely going to have a change of heart. It’s obvious propaganda and fake news, the voter probably knows it, but he’s not taking any chances. The voter talks to their family and friends about it and you find them voting for Trump instead, just because of a simple Facebook post. The people behind the post knew exactly who their target was, and where he was and exactly what to do to win their vote.

Just like that Trump beat Hillary Clinton to become the 45th and current US President, leaving the whole world flabbergasted. Four years into his presidency and some people still don’t believe he did it. In 2020 he’s going to do the same thing again to continue for the second term and no one will stop him, not if he still got that money.

This is the reason I believe our very own deputy president, hustler — oh, now doctor — William Ruto can go ahead and win the 2022 presidency even without the support of some communities.

It’s common knowledge, Ruto is not the most liked politician in Kenya today, just like Trump is in the United States and across the globe. I for one can’t point to anyone in particular who will vote for him for the country’s top-most office in the coming General Election, but I can show you almost a dozen who won’t vote for him. That is a sure bet, ama “kichwa” in betting terminologies.

You can also read my book, THE JACKPOT MAN, about the consequences of Sports Betting in Kenya.

I’m not here to tarnish the “good” name of His Excellency the deputy President because I’m not a politician, and stand to win nothing at the end of the day, but on the contrary, I’m doing him a big favor. It’s just real-talk. I’m being candid with you.

What if Ruto can use this to his advantage by using Cambridge Analytica, or any other such firms to determine not only his strongholds, but by targeting individual voters like Trump did in 2016.

We all know Ruto has money. I’m sure he can afford to pay Cambridge Analytica, or Facebook, or even Safaricom — they have enough of our data that we don’t know what they do with. Maybe they sell to private entities like Facebook is alleged to do.

Ruto can start preparation now — oh I forgot he already started — 2022 is just around the corner. And not only him though, the likes of Musalia Mudavadi, Kalonzo Musyoka, Dida, Okot, Moses Wetangula, and maybe even the man, Raila Odinga — you never know about this man –himself, and any other Tom, Dick and Harry out there with aspirations should follow my advice if they’re really serious about getting into the State House.

The world is changing with technology, and so is politics, and you either jump on board, or get left behind. You want the millennial to vote for you, gotta work smart bruh! Just saying.

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