How I feel, girl

I know what I feel inside, at the mention of you,

Sudden thudding in my chest, that’s my heart crying for you,

It just feels right, even though I barely know you,

I called it lunch and you laughed, but I just wanted to know you,

To look in your eyes and tell you, girl I’m in love with you,

You so beautiful, can’t get enough of your face and winsome smile,

So vivid in mind like a lucid dream, let’s just flow with time like R. Nile,

Be my North star, so I can look at you when I get lost,

Be my little secret, even though to the world I’ll still boast,

I know you told me about him, the other guy,

I don’t know what he feels about you, for you I’ll die,

And that’s just how I feel, girl.



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