Write anything meaningful from these words

Phallocryt, stirrup, aching that I felt


“I had never in my life been transported by any conveyance other than water craft. So my father bridled and saddled my mare for me and made me watch the procedure, telling me that I should have to do that job myself thereafter. Then he showed me how to mount, and the proper side of the animal from which to do it. I imitated his demonstration. I put my left foot into the stirrup, bounce briefly on my right foot, bounded high with enthusiasm, swung my right leg over, came down with a smack astride the hard seat, and gave a wild ululation of pain.

When I finally got down from the saddle for the night, I found that I was sore and suffering. My backside hurt as if it had been thrashed, the inner side of my legs were chafed and burning, the thews inside my thighs were so stretched and aching that I felt as if I would forever after walk bow-legged. But the discomfort gradually ebbed, and in a few days I could ride my horse at a walk and at intermittent canters and gallops — or even at the trot, which is the roughest gait — all the day long, if necessary, without feeling any ill effect.” Marco Polo, The Journeyer.

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