No beautiful girls


Maybe it’s true, the beautiful ones are yet to be born,

Maybe it’s not true, they were born and now they’re gone,

Snatched before I was of age, before I was ripe,

Mature for women, before I started wondering about my girl type.


Maybe I’m looking at it the wrong way, don’t understand what beauty is,

Who a beautiful woman is, good of character and a heart of peace,

Selfless and loyal to her man, trust is her only code,

She loves truly and above everything, she fears God.


And maybe appearance is all beauty is, what my eyes sees,

Gorgeous with remarkable features, exotic beauty from overseas,

People stop in their footsteps when they see her, hair long and wavy,

Figure breathtakingly superb, she’s an eight with a behind so heavy.


Her face so lovely and friendly, also she loves babies

Fair skin that blush pink when embarrassed, like a baby’s,

Unblemished brow and long lashes, she’s a beautiful painting on the wall,

Perfect nose and winsome mouth and delicate chin, shy see her eyes before they fall.


I found my type the last time, and she was strikingly beautiful,

Unfortunately didn’t stay long, wasn’t me she was looking for,

Had her own fantasies, wanted a rich man not a boy working on a hobby,

When she packed up I let her go, can’t hold on to what wasn’t meant to be.


I hear wedding bells, and maybe this time it’ll happen my only hope,

On the fourth man since leaving, three heartbreaks on her way to top,

Maybe when she finally gets exhausted, might find her way home where she really belongs,

Welcome her with open arms, when you truly love someone don’t see their faults and wrongs.


Eventually did move on, I was cold and she was sunshine,

Met on stairs, loved my poems but never read between the lines,

She was corrupted by the world, believed that only light-skin kids are beautiful,

Now thinks I’m everything good she lost, with her brown kid getting closer but already spiteful.


The last one was a pretty single mom, loved her but she pushed me away calling me a kid,

Told her it was too early to settle down and said I should go, had herself and her kid to feed,

Now all I want is to be left all alone, in a world with no girls smiling,

At me cause I know they’re trouble, beautiful faces but deep inside ogress hiding.

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